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  Table football, sometimes called foosball or fussball, is a simulation of table football, invented by Spanish poet Alejandro Finisterre.

Table football is a sport that is played by two parties.

One to two parties In which each player will hold a rod that controls the player to touch the ball in the desired direction

To shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal

This sport is popular for playing indoors

. And still popular in pubs or bars in the United States and Europe

Alecandro invented the game while he was injured by a bomb during the Spanish Civil War. He has the idea that

Many people, including children in hospitals, are unable to play football.

Therefore created the idea for game development

Which got the idea from playing table tennis (Which simulates playing tennis on the table surface)

Alecandro gives Javier Altuna, a carpenter’s friend, for the first time.

Later, although Alejandro patented this work in 1937, but lost the patent documents during the escape of the fascist coup in France.

How to play

 The player has two sides. After releasing the simulated soccer ball onto the field Players on both sides moved their own lever. Let the robot of their side kick the simulated soccer ball into the goal of the opponent

In which each side must prevent the opposing side to flip the simulated football into their own goal Losing wins and decides like playing football on the real court.

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